Why do Application Crash?


Why Do Application Crash: Nowadays, We use smartphones all across the globe. We install and use different applications which are available in the store but sometimes we come across some applications which crash or freeze, and it’s probably not a pleasant experience at all. What people hate the most is installing an app out of high expectation and later, finding it being slow or seeing it is about to crash.

Whenever we come across such a situation, the next best thing that we can do is immediately uninstall the app from our device and try to search for a similar yet better application. So, maximum care must be taken by mobile app Development Company while developing an application to help the users have the most outstanding experience out of these apps.

Why do Apps Crash

We all have hectic schedules and daily routines, so we rely more on our smartphones rather than computers. It’s entirely frustrating when an application crashes in the middle of some critical work. Whether you are using Android device or iOS device, if the application not developed correctly then there are chances for the applications to crash. It is crucial to any android app development company in India to establish the proper application so that there are fewer chances of an application crash.

Devices are not only responsible for the crashing of the application but there are various other reasons behind crashing of the application as well. Let’s try to explore the different reasons behind App Crash.

Demand for application in market

 When there is an imbalance in supply and demand it causes issues in the application. If the application is not been customized for handling heavy traffic, it will keep crashing when it is used. The developers need to make better code to handle this issue.

Poor connectivity of Internet

 Sometimes when you have the poor connectivity of internet like if your device frequently drops the internet connectivity or when your internet is working slowly, there are chances that your application may crash or get slow down or get freeze for a few seconds.

Frequent switching between Wi-Fi and mobile internet

 There are two ways of using the internet either through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Mostly users frequently keep switching their internet connectivity from Wi-Fi to cellular or vice-versa. This frequent change of internet connection may also lead to application crash as it affects the stability of an application’s process.

Bugs in the code of application

 Whether you have developed the application for Android or iPhone or using cross-platform, if there are any bugs in the system of the application, it may result in the application crash. So it is vital for any company to test the application or the feature or functionality before presenting the application in front of users.

Problems in the front end of the application

When the front end of the application is optimized poorly, there are chances for an application to crash. If the mobile application developers are not able to provide proper front-end solutions, then there are chances that an application may collapse as the apps don’t work using back-end server. Developers must be capable of adequately handling and optimizing front-end.

Issues related to integration of the application

When the back end is not integrated correctly with the front-end, there are significant changes for the app to get a crash. When the rear end is not able to handle the requests which are sent by the front end, it will result in either slow performance of the application or freezing of the application for a few seconds or crash of the application.

Browser incompatibility

It is crucial to test the web-based mobile application with each and every browser that is been used nowadays. The inconsistency of the application with any browser may lead to the Apps Crash.

Compatibility issue with device

 When the low range devices or devices with cheap hardware are used there are more chances of an application crash. Android-based smartphones have such flat range device or inexpensive equipment. The application crashes as it is difficult for Android to run such high hand customized application which runs smoothly on high-end devices.

Too many applications installed on the device also causes App Crash

 When you install too many applications on your device, there can be an issue regarding the functionality of the device when it is useful and ultimately it results in the crashing of the application.

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Testing of the application is not completed properly

 Before updating the application on the store, if the developers have not tested the application properly, the chances of crashing of the application increase. So it is always advisable to test the application thoroughly and properly.

Apart from problems related to developing, there are few device-related problems which lead to Apps crash. If a device has less ram and more applications are running on the machine or if the device memory is full and when you run any heavy use it may lead to an application crash or freeze of the application or restarting of the application. Even if your device has an older version of Android or iOS operating system and you have downloaded any high-end application which runs using latest versions of the operating system, it may also lead in the App Crash.


There are various reasons when the installed application got the crash when it used. Moreover, when you don’t update the app and use the older version of the application, there are chances of getting a crash of the applications. Apps Crash doesn’t depend on one particular reason; there are different reasons behind it. However, it is a common human tendency to get frustrated and irritated as any application crashes, and we uninstall that application taking it to be a poorly developed one.

When the application is developed using too much of code, it may result in slow performance of the application or crashing of the application. So it is always advisable to use short and sweet laws so that the performance of the application not hindered. Clean developing, proper functionality and no bugs result in the appropriate execution of the application. It is essential for mobile app Developers to design and develop user-friendly applications. After the form established, it is necessary to test and get the quality assurance of the generated application.

As we all know that “First impression is the last impression”, so it is crucial for any mobile app development company to provide bug-free and quality assured application to the users. Once the users are irritated and frustrated with frequent Apps Crash or freezing, the user will install that app ever again. In this cutthroat competition, where you can easily find different applications with the same functionality, it becomes an utmost priority for the developer to develop and design user-friendly applications and give something unique to the user so that they get tempted to use that particular form over an extended period.

In short, the crashing of application not only depends on poor developing but also depends on the device which you are using.



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