iPhone SE Likely To Be Launched in Q1 2018 and Might Be Arriving First In India


Apple Inc. had Launched iPhone SE last year, Which was a smaller iPhone that was targeted for specific people who like Compact phones.

It should be had priced low in comparison to the regular iPhone in the market, even in India. However, the new reports which claim that the company is planning on refreshing the new upcoming with updates specification.

The other hand, The news which is more interesting than this is the Apple Inc is said to launch the upcoming iPhone SE first in India which makes us think more because we all have been waiting for several years about iPhone manufacturing completely in India for lesser cost and better service.

We have not confirmed that upcoming iPhone SE will be a part of Make In India.
But, the new iPhone SE is said to be manufactured by Wistron and it has been reported that it will start shipping early next year, This gives us a clear wicked that new iPhone SE will not be a part of Make In India.
Wistron is the same manufacturer who had started assembling the current generation iPhone SE in India.


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