Facebook introduced profile picture guard


The famous social site Facebook just updated the security for FB users which is called profile picture guard. This is how your profile picture will look, see that guard logo.

What’s new as per FB

Reduce downloadsOther people can’t
download or share
your profile picture
Limit TagsOnly you and your
facebook friends can
tag your profile picture
Signal respectThe shield signals
That other person
should respect your
profile picture

Since many years millions of people wanted to keep their profile photo safe from unknown people so that they stop misusing their photo and now Facebook finally rolled it out globally.

The uniqueness of this new guard is it won’t let people take a screenshot or even download the profile picture of others, only when there is an active FB profile guard.
It also has many negative factors such as it cannot stop people’s to take a photo from another device and also a screen recording. This is something cannot happen in any way as it may remove people’s privacy to keep up the security. Still, Facebook made a good move by rolling it out.

People who still able to take the screenshot is because they have not updated their Facebook app. So, The reminder from our side is to update the app as the “FB Guard” only works on the latest app, people can open web version or mobile version of Facebook in their mobile/PC browser so it’s still not secure as what we expect.

In last it all depends on you, you have to maintain your security and privacy and privacy settings properly to keep your photo’s safe from an unknown person with this way the profile picture Guard will work efficiently.


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